»To improve the lives of diabetes patients, we need to enter the U.S. market: not only as part of our strategy, but also to help to the millions of diabetics living in the U.S. We are confident that we will succeed with GALS' support.«

Christian Krey
CEO, Emperra

»It is satisfying and exhilarating to support the German Accelerator medtech clients at an exciting time for these high-potential German companies as they seek to launch their offerings into the North American market.«

Derek Young & Phelim O’Doherty
i360medical, Mentors

»GALS' support in navigating the regulatory landscape and identifying opportunities in the US market has been incredibly helpful.«

Joerg Land
CEO, Sonormed

»The  German Accelerator Life Sciences is exactly what new, innovative companies from Germany need to successfully transition into the North American market. It's exciting and motivating being a part of the program and helping to drive it forward.«

Mike Wipperfeld

Advise. Connect. Inspire.


We help young and emerging German life science companies succeed in the global market by:

  • Developing sound business strategies
  • Assisting in obtaining capital
  • Navigating the regulatory landscape
  • Building talented and experienced teams
  • Reaching meaningful value inflection points

GALS is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the world’s leading ecosystem for life science research, development, and commercialization.


Our vision is to help build successful companies that bring innovative medical products and technologies to patients worldwide. We are confident that such success stories will ignite optimism, encourage entrepreneurship, and have a positive effect on the German economy.