GALS identifies the most innovative, driven, and exciting companies to participate in the GALS program. Based on each company’s goals and needs, we offer individualized support in various areas, including strategic guidance, operational support, and access to our global network of experts and resources, to integrate companies into the U.S. life science ecosystem.

GALS Companies

Emperra revolutionizes Diabetes mellitus patient care. Its connected health solution uses a Bluetooth-enabled insulin pen and proprietary software to provide real-time factual analytics that allows caregivers to focus on patients with medical needs while empowering patients to take charge of their diabetes.

GALS has connected Emperra with experts in the fields of commercializing connected medical devices, HIPAA compliance, and business development. In addition, the GALS team offers support on product strategy and provides strategic advice on how to enter the US market best.

InGeneron was formed to innovate cell-based technologies for healthcare, veterinary and life science research. InGeneron’s advanced cell separation technologies enable preparation of adipose-derived regenerative cells, including stem cells, that have the potential to aid physicians and veterinarians in the treatment of a number of diseases, orthopedic injuries and cosmetic procedures. InGeneron is a privately held company, developing its own products for multiple markets and expanding its reach through licensing agreements. Its research and development capability spans the disciplines of biomedical engineering, cellular as well as molecular biology, and pharmacology.

GALS provides InGeneron with a team of mentors in order to leverage its industry network and to support the company’s US activities and development in Europe. GALS’ mentorship supports InGeneron as the company continues to execute on its plans for clinical development in the US, broadening its distribution network, further developing its reimbursement strategies in the US and Europe, and increasing exposure to investors.

PEPperPRINT, headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany has developed a novel technology to directly print 3D peptide libraries by coupling individual amino acids in situ to form linear peptide chains. The advantage of this technology is its unlimited diversity of peptide sequences that can be synthesized in parallel, using only very small quantities at low cost. Any peptide content can be customized in array format at high spot density. Applications are in antigen and biomarker discovery, high-resolution linear and cyclic epitope mapping, serum antibody profiling, vaccine and peptide drug development, as well as peptide target binder identification and optimization. PEPperPRINT also produces preprinted arrays for cancer and autoimmune and infectious diseases (e.g., Dengue, Zika, EBV).

The collaboration between PEPperPRINT and GALS has focused on several important areas of growth. GALS has facilitated relationships with advisors experienced in business development. With the help of its extensive network, GALS was able to help PEPperPRINT identify a strong new hire in business development. GALS also provides strategic advice on expanding PEPperPRINT’s platform technology into the diagnostics market.

Rigontec is a leader in RIG-I targeting therapeutics. Utilizing its proprietary RIG-I agonist platform, Rigontec harnesses one of the most essential pathways in the innate immune system to pioneer a novel immuno-oncology treatment approach for immediate and long-term anti-tumor immunity.

GALS helped Rigontec set up operations in Cambridge, MA. To grow the company’s U.S. presence, GALS lends support in identifying talent to build Rigontec’s U.S. team. GALS has been identifying and establishing contacts to potential industry partners and local collaborators. Rigontec and GALS are working together to develop an effective and global R&D strategy.

Scopis® GmbH (based in Berlin, Germany) develops and manufactures surgical planning and navigation systems for ENT, maxillofacial, neuro and spine surgery. Scopis Target Guide Surgery (TGS®) is a unique “next-generation” solution for navigated endoscopic surgery that offers surgeons highly advanced image guidance and visualization capabilities using Augmented Reality. Scopis TGS® is provided by the Scopis Hybrid Navigation® system that is the first clinical navigation platform that offers electromagnetic, optical and simultaneous hybrid tracking technology in a single integrated control unit. Scopis is the leader in medical Augmented Reality (AR). As only company worldwide Scopis offers the Augmented Reality for endoscopic and microscopic procedures. Scopis operates in over 50 countries and has installed over 300 systems in operation theaters worldwide.

Sonormed is a medical technology company with a focus on digital audiology. Its interdisciplinary team of sound engineers, computer scientists, and neurobiologists develop and distribute the certified medical product Tinnitracks. Tinnitracks is a neuro-acoustic treatment option for tinnitus patients, available as a smartphone and web app. It targets a patient’s individual tinnitus frequency via sophisticated filtering algorithms applied to his/her favorite music.

GALS has established mentor relationships with experts in medical devices and business development. GALS facilitates connections to accomplished FDA regulatory experts and consults on marketing strategy specific to the U.S. healthcare market. GALS also provides advice on fundraising in the U.S. and helps set up meetings with potential investors.

GALS Alumni