»I’ve made more decisions within those three months of the program than I’ve made in the last ten years.«

Tobias Knecht
CEO, Abusix

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Raised $34 Million

Signavio is a collaboration tool that helps organizations optimize their business processes. With more than 250 medium and large organizations using the tool in Europe, Signavio is now taking the next step to enter the U.S. market.

Acquired by Honeywell in March 2016

Movilizer is the Cloud for Field Operations that drives enterprise profitability at large manufacturing and services companies, by empowering you to deploy nimble and dynamic strategies in the field. The Movilizer Cloud connects and orchestrates field operations actors with each other even across company boundaries.

Raised $27.5 Million in its first external funding round

Celonis Process Mining is an intelligent big data technology that analyzes and visualizes every process in your company. It reveals weaknesses and makes processes more transparent, faster, and more cost-effective.

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