German Innovation goes Northside


Northside Festival visitors can experience the best of the German startup scene as German innovation heads to Brooklyn. German startups and performers will be part of the conference’s innovation, music, and art programs in Brooklyn from June 6-12, 2016.


Excellence is Driven by German Innovation

Northside Festival visitors can learn why “Made in Germany” is a world renowned brand and experience the best of the German startup scene at both the German booth on the Expo show floor and Innovation Pitch Night. German startups and performers will be part of the conference’s innovation, music, and art programs in Brooklyn from June 6-12, 2016.


German Companies Take Center Stage at the Innovation Pitch Night

On June 9, head to the iconic Brooklyn Brewery as a selection of Germany’s up and coming startups present their inventive ideas, many for the first time in the United States. The startups featured at the pitch event are part of the two New York-based German startup incubators, the German Accelerator New York and STEP NYC, of the German American Chamber of Commerce. Participants will have the chance to pitch to the audience along with a panel of business leaders, including Jeff Namnum ( ) and Vipin Goyal (Shipyard & Tech Stars Alum). The event’s featured German startups include:

Brandnew IO

Further startups TBC


Experience the Best of German Music and Art

Malky, from the German city of Leipzig, will perform two shows in Brooklyn as part of the Northside Music Festival. Malky – which includes singer Daniel Stoyanov and keyboardist/producer Michael Vajna – started their careers writing music for others, including some of the biggest names in German pop music. They stunned music journalists and audiences with the release of their first EP “Diamonds” in 2013, which was followed soon after by a tour with German pop star Leslie Clio. Their first album “Soon” (2014) and subsequent solo tours have ultimately gotten the two artists with Bulgarian and Hungarian roots a loyal following in Germany and beyond.

Catch their soulful, modern electronic sound on Thursday, June 9, at The Knitting Factory at 8:00 p.m. or on the Bedford Avenue outdoor stage at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 12.


“Make Your Mark” German artist Cornelia Thomsen goes interactive

New York-based German artist Cornelia Thomsen, known for channeling inspiration from her childhood in East Germany into her thought provoking paintings, will be a part of Northside Festival’s “Williamsburg Walks” on June 11 and 12.

In Thomsen’s project, the creation process relies on festival visitors’ participation: In an interactive way, visitors are invited to „Make Your Mark” on the canvas. Thomsen explains: “Through my project, I will enable the crowd to participate in an art project, to immortalize a moment in our time.” Six to eight large canvases will be placed on movable walls. To banish the imposing nature of the blank canvasses, the artist will start the project with marks of her own. Acrylic paint of different colors and paintbrushes of various thicknesses will be available for visitor artists to get a hands-on experience of visual art. The filled surface at the end of the installation will reflect the attendance and energy of the crowd. Each signature, drawing, splash, or mark is representative of those who attended the event. Each person’s mark on the one hand stands for itself, and on the other, many individual signs create an all over whole.

By inviting the amateur artists to share their experience on social media under #MakeYourMark, the interactive art process reaches another dimension, thus combining street art with online communication.

Follow along with German Innovation and Culture at Northside via Twitter @GermanyNY or join the conversation with #GermanNSide.

For full scheduling information, please visit the festival’s official website:


About German Accelerator:

The German Accelerator Tech program is a growth acceleration program that supports German startups from tech related sectors to enter the U.S. market. It provides startups with hands-on monitoring and office space at its locations in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and New York City. German Accelerator identifies and selects the most promising German startups and assists them in their pursuit of becoming category leaders with lasting competitiveness and success in the global market place. The accelerator’s vision is to establish a permanent bridge between Germany and the U.S. that facilitates transatlantic startups, provides inspiration and drives demand, innovation, research, and development in Germany.

For more information and to submit an application visit, engage on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @GAccelerator.


About the Consulate General of Germany in New York:

The German Consulate General provides consular and legal services in the Tri-State area, and supports German language and culture through education, events, and diplomacy. The Consulate General’s area of jurisdiction covers Bermuda, Connecticut (Fairfield County), New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

For more information, please visit the official website:

You can also follow the Consulate on Twitter @GermanyNY or @GermanyNYbiz.


About GACC New York:

The German American Chamber of Commerce® (GACC™) New York fosters the economic ties between Germany and America. Founded in 1947 it now also comprises branch offices in Philadelphia and California. The GACC New York offers a wide range of services to the Northeastern and Western states. Benefiting from being close to Silicon Valley, the California branch mainly supports trendsetting industry sectors such as IT, biotechnology, renewable energies, semi-conductors and nanotechnology.

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