German Accelerator Alumnus Trademob gets acquired by French ad-tech company Adikteev.

Trademob GmbH, which took part in the German Accelerator program in 2013, has been acquired by Paris-based marketing specialist Adikteev. With its programmatic demand-side platform (DSP), Trademob enhances the French firm’s portfolio with a predictive engine and technology for dynamic creative optimization (DCO).

“We are delighted to announce this strategic acquisition. It gives us an excellent opportunity to accelerate our international expansion and combine the R&D departments of two firms that can tap their extensive expertise in a market that is still relatively inefficient,” says Xavier Mariani, CEO of Adikteev. “Our market-leading technology platform now allows brands and app developers to activate their target groups, attract qualified users and reactivate inactive users. And on top of this, an unprecedented level of mobile advertising experience that enables even highly intensive campaigns to be successfully managed on our multi-functional platform.”

With its programmatic demand-side platform (DSP), Trademob will enhance Adikteev’s portfolio with a predictive engine and technology for dynamic creative optimization (DCO). Trademob, in turn, will benefit from Adikteev’s sales team, especially in France and the US. In addition to long-term Trademob clients such as eBay, Scout24 and Delivery Hero, campaigns are now also being run for Uber, Blizzard and Amazon in the US via the platform. As a DSP, the focus will continue to be placed on mobile user acquisition and app retargeting.

“We’re delighted to have found a strategic partner in the shape of Adikteev that boasts an international sales network as well as branding technology that is highly developed from a technical point of view. Together with our partner, we want to take Trademob global and, with an eye to the future, support advertisers around the globe with effective advertising campaigns via the Adikteev platform,” explains Mark Kamran, Managing Director of Trademob.

“The acquisition is a new chapter in the Trademob’s success story and comes at just the right moment. It means that we’re active on the most important European markets and can pull further away from our rivals in the technology stakes,” confirms Jens Baumgärtner from High-Tech Gründerfonds.

Trademob was founded in 2010 by Mark Kamran and is one of the leading platforms for global programmatic advertising campaigns on smartphones. Trademob has developed a unique programmatic buying technology for mobiles that is connected to all major SSPs such as Mopub and Google Adx. As such, Trademob clients have access to over one billion mobile users around the globe. Trademob is a DSP that specializes in user acquisition and reactivation, thus maximizing user LTV. Its clients include eBay, Amazon, Machine Zone, Scout24 and Uber.

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