What we offer

GALS provides individualized advice and flexible services tailored toward each company’s specific objectives and needs. We work with each company to design a customized work plan and to achieve ambitious milestones. GALS program benefits include:


Strategic advice on product development and U.S. market entry
Guidance on fundraising in the U.S. and Europe; Contacts to relevant angel investors, venture capitalists, and private equity firms
Program start date and duration are flexible. All program services, including mentoring and office space, are free. GALS charges no fees and takes no equity


Entry to an extensive network of potential partners in industry and academia, key opinion leaders, investors, experts in legal and regulatory affairs, and other essential resources
Increased visibility of GALS companies through our worldwide network and our strong presence at conferences, trade shows, networking events, and in the media, in Europe and the U.S.
Office space and tactical support for setting up your company’s U.S. operations. Connections to strong candidates and recruiters to staff your presence in the U.S.


Mentor relationships with experienced leaders in business and life sciences
We strive to build lasting relationships with all companies, starting with preparation in Germany and continuing through their journey to the U.S.
The opportunity to grow your company in the world’s leading life science ecosystem, and to collaborate with innovators and investors who are working hard to create the next success stories in the life sciences
To learn more about the GALS selection process and to submit an application, see the “Application” section